Conversation in the language school #2

Me: The Grand Canyon is really the only thing worth visiting if you go to Arizona. The rest of it’s basically just a giant wasteland with some soul-sucking mega-suburbs now and then.

Student 1: But the Grand Canyon isn’t in Arizona, it’s in Colorado.

Me: Actually, the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

Student 2: No, we call it El Gran Cañon del Colorado because it’s in Colorado.

Me: Well, no, actually you call it El Gran Cañon del Colorado because it’s on the Colorado River, which passes through Arizona.

Student 1: No way, it’s in Colorado!

Student 2: Yeah, I saw this thing on TV that said that Americans don’t know anything about geography. Why are you all so ignorant? 

Me: (Sigh…) I guess you’d better look it up, then.

Students: (Pulling out smartphones… frantically tapping…)

Student 1: Huh. Who knew? Looks like it’s in Arizona.

Me: Anyway, as I was saying…

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4 thoughts on “Conversation in the language school #2

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